Sunday, August 26, 2012

Blue Jeans

I believe that a girl's closet wouldn't be complete without an amazing pair of jeans! I have number of jeans since before i admit that i was a Jeans-Shirt-Flats-type of girl, it was just last (never mind when! haha) when i learn to let go some of my jeans and got some dresses, shorts, and skirts. But for me it is still important to have atleast a pair or two of jeans that you can use either for casual or a bit formal one. So i thought of sharing some of the possible looks that you can create with your pair of basic jeans.

Wear your jeans with an over-sized crop top and grab your favorite necklace and wedge and your good to go.

Jeans paired with button-down polo with tank top inside. I can imagine wearing this when chillin out with friends.

Jeans + Turtleneck sweater + Jacket + scarf + boots = Perfect for winter! :) 

I will assume that every girl has a plain tee on their closet :) Pair it with your jeans, add some candy colored accessories for the look not to be so boring, and grab your wedge. 

Jeans is not only for casual look, you can also wear it to have a smart casual look! Pair it with your button-down polo, add some accessories, and grab your pumps! You'll surely look smart and presentable on that outfit! :)

If you want to look more formal than being smart casual, pair your jeans with your blazer, add some bangles and wear your favorite pumps! :)

If you're going to cheer your boyfriend or a friend for a game, pair your jeans with a varsity jacket, grab your flats so you can jump (because of excitement. haha) easily :D

So those are some ways on how to wear jeans :)



  1. very nice post! I love it :)

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  2. Nice styling! I have a very few jeans, but I have a good fitting one, and yes it's a must. I'm a dress, longtop-leggings kind of girl.

    I love 1, 4 & 5 the most!

    1. Thanks Ishna! :) i have like 7 pairs since the dress code in our school(way back in college) is strict and leggings is a NO NO! :( so instead of purchasing dress, shorts, leggings, i had no choice but to buy jeans since yun lang pwede sa school before :(


  3. Gurl, your photos and the writeups are very put together parang article in a mag :) Good job!! :)

    PS - Iill be having a great big giveaway soon! Please follow me to be updated! Thanks :)

    The Misty Mom

    1. Awww :) Thanks Shari! Sure i'll follow you and will join your giveaway too :) xx

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  5. nice sets..

    Hope we can follow each other.


    1. Thanks Gabrielle :) Just did :) hope you can follow me too :'>