Friday, December 21, 2012


What i wore during Bloggers United 4. My heart skip a bit when i was about to enter WTC! :)) That's how excited i am, not because of the fact that i will be doing my Christmas shopping, but because i am expecting to see LAUREEN UY!! :)) faney kung faney! :)) I really prepared for this day, i even brought something for her! (haha!) But unfortunately, natapos ang araw na kahit anino nya di ko nakita :( So di talaga kame meant to be :(( Good thing i was able to see some of my favorite bloggers whom i look up to when it comes to fashion :) 

Here's what i wore :)

And here are the photos at the bazaar :)
with my boyfriend/supporter/forever shopping buddy/photographer/consultant/nutritionist and many more :))) Thank you for always being there to bring my heavy tote bag, kahit na nadisappoint ka din kasi ubos na mga damit ni David Guison! :)) haha! I love you! :))
with the very pretty, humble and approachable Walking Recessionista, Cheyser Pedrogosa!I so love her natural beauty, she has no make up pero sobrang ganda pa din! :)
with the very cuuute Fashion Fangirl, Tracy Ayson :)
with the very creative Ana Gonzales of Anagon Collection 
and with the super pretty and flawless Enciso sisters, Vern Enciso of A Shoe Tale and Verniece Enciso of :)
A picture of Woobie and Ruby :))
Life-size Batman!!!! If only i could bring you home!!!
No tiis-ganda this time! :)) i immediately change my footwear into these new spikey baby of mine :)
camwhores :)
love <3


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