Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Change is Good

I am not really a fan of formal dressing, though i love seeing myself in a formal attire looking so professional and smart. HIHI. :)) I still prefer my casual-girly-unpredictable look as i call it. 

I was ask today to wear something that is not too casual, yet not too formal as well. I actually didn't had a hard time thinking of what to wear (1st time!!) Since I've said that i don't wanna look formal, i just chose a candy-colored crop top to break the formality of the skirt. Good thing the skirt has two colored belts on it when i purchased it! :)

So this is my interpretation of not too casual and not too formal :)

How i wish i have a good camera to have a better quality of the pictures and to see the exact color of what i am wearing :( *SOON* 

Top: Penshoppe
Skirt: Bazaar (bazaar queen! :)) )
shoes: Parisian


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