Monday, October 1, 2012

On the dot

Just another Fashion Monday! I just love how my outfit makes me look so young! Though i'm not really that old, it just makes me feel like a high school student! :) That candy-colored top, skirt, and shoes shouts TEEN SPIRIT! :) 

The skirt is my favorite, besides from being so cute that it actually caught everyone's attention, I once again got it from a very cheap price! RECESSIONISTA MODE :D Thanks to my so called haven, bazaars! You can always look fashionista even without emptying your wallet ;) It's just how you carry it ;) 

Okay i'll make it official, I'm inlove with those poses above. Hihi :))

Monday isn't just my Fashion Day, it is Jami's day as well. He effortlessly makes every Monday extra special! :) 

Skirt: Bazaar
Shoes: Gibi
bracelets: Envy Accesories


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